The Atlas Society/Free Minds Institute 2011 Summer Seminar

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Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand filmmaker Duncan Scott will be joining a veritable host of freedom-fighting dignitaries and speakers at this year’s Objectivism Summer Seminar, presented by the Free Minds Institute and The Atlas Society.

Scott will be discussing the legacy of John Hospers, best known as the only Libertarian Party candidate to win an Electoral College vote. Scott will also give a presentation on his latest project, Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand, a new feature-length documentary that will explore Rand’s powerful philosophy of Objectivism.

The Seminar, which began on July 6th in Anaheim, will run until Wednesday the 13th. For more information on how you can attend the speech, we encourage you to visit the Seminar’s registration webpage.

The Moving Picture Institute teams up with Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand

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We are very excited to announce that the Moving Picture Institute (MPI) has just become a partner and supporter of Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand. In addition to direct financial support right now, they will be working with us beyond the Kickstarter campaign in our continuing fundraising efforts.

About the MPI: The Moving Picture Institute supports filmmakers who are committed to protecting and sustaining a free society, and supports their work through grants, fiscal sponsorship, promotion, marketing, internships, training workshops, networking opportunities, and production assistance.

To date, MPI has helped develop, fund, produce, or promote a range of feature-length films dealing with topics such as the repressive climate on our nation’s college campuses, environmental activism’s role in perpetuating Third World poverty, anti-communist humor’s cultural history, and Hungary’s and Estonia’s revolutions against totalitarianism. They have partnered on films like: Indoctrinate U, The Singing Revolution, Do As I Say, The Cartel, and many more.

Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand picks up some fresh press

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Special thanks to the folks at Rebirth of Reason and Objectivist Living for forwarding on news of our Kickstarter campaign. If you haven’t had time to donate yet, please head over to our page and make your pledge–we’re almost at the 50% mark, with just under two weeks to go!

Interview @ The Atlasphere!

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If you haven’t checked out our new article over at The Atlasphere, we encourage you to do so. Filmmaker Duncan Scott gives some background information on Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand (i.e., why make this film, and why make it now?), and tells how you can help us make Inside the Mind… a cinematic reality!

Thanks for checking out our blog, and stay tuned for more updates!

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