The Atlas Society/Free Minds Institute 2011 Summer Seminar

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Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand filmmaker Duncan Scott will be joining a veritable host of freedom-fighting dignitaries and speakers at this year’s Objectivism Summer Seminar, presented by the Free Minds Institute and The Atlas Society.

Scott will be discussing the legacy of John Hospers, best known as the only Libertarian Party candidate to win an Electoral College vote. Scott will also give a presentation on his latest project, Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand, a new feature-length documentary that will explore Rand’s powerful philosophy of Objectivism.

The Seminar, which began on July 6th in Anaheim, will run until Wednesday the 13th. For more information on how you can attend the speech, we encourage you to visit the Seminar’s registration webpage.


Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand launches Kickstarter project


Duncan Scott Productions has just launched Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand on Kickstarter!

This new project is our solution for those of you who’ve expressed a desire to financially contribute to Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand, but have found the investor levels too steep. We value and appreciate your enthusiasm for Inside the Mind… and would be thrilled if you considered contributing. There are fantastic awards for donors at all levels–even those who give $1 are privy to our project updates!

Some of our donor awards include:

  • high-definition downloads of the documentary once it’s released
  • DVDs such as the remastered classic We the Living, or a DVD bundle of The Objectivist History Project
  • invites to the World Premiere in 2012
  • having filmmaker Duncan Scott host a screening of Inside the Mind…in your hometown!
  • your name listed in the end credits of Inside the Mind…

…and lots more!

Things to keep in mind: Kickstarter (via Amazon) doesn’t charge your credit card unless our project is successful. So, this fundraising effort is all or nothing!

Thanks so much for checking out our blog, and our Kickstarter project. And remember to follow us on Twitter, and “Friend” us on Facebook!

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