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If you haven’t checked out our new article over at The Atlasphere, we encourage you to do so. Filmmaker Duncan Scott gives some background information on Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand (i.e., why make this film, and why make it now?), and tells how you can help us make Inside the Mind… a cinematic reality!

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Duncan Scott Productions announces new Ayn Rand documentary

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Duncan Scott Productions is thrilled to announce its latest forth-coming project, Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand.

Inside the Mind… is a documentary long in the making, and had its roots, as almost all good things do, in discussion amongst friends. Originally conceived as a retrospective on Rand, it soon became apparent that a new kind of documentary was needed in order to tackle this complicated and brilliant woman’s life, and her extra-ordinary ideas that are currently enjoying a Renaissance of popularity.

To say Rand’s life was epic, is, perhaps, an understatement. Hers was a stranger-than-fiction tale replete with bravery, failure, triumph, scandal, redemption, and ultimately, a final act befitting a Greek tragedy.

The child of persecuted Russian Jews, Rand advocated ideas that often challenged the most cherished beliefs of contemporary society.  On moral grounds, she stole “selfishness” from the world of vice, making it a virtue, and also argued against faith in God.

Escaping Communist-controlled Russia at the age of 21, Rand fled to America, where she quickly mastered English, and ultimately authored four novels that are considered classics of English literature.

But who was this diminutive woman with piercing black eyes, and where did she get these ideas that, to the astonishment of her critics, have become vastly influential in America?

Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand will be a journey of discovery blending the tumultuous events of Rand’s life, while exploring her challenging ideas, and what they mean to an America poised at a philosophical crossroad.

To learn how you can help us make Inside the Mind…please check out our video on Kickstarter!

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